DM and MM's South America 2011 Diary

Day 22 - Auckland to Sydney

Friday, 6 May, 2011

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03:46 New Zealand time. Auckland Airport

We are standing in a corridor in Auckland Airport, waiting to be let through security and into the departure lounge area to wait to reboard our flight to Sydney. We got here at 03:30 and got off the plane as demanded by the local airport authority. The problem is our plane wasn't scheduled to land until 04:00, so there are no staff on the security checkpoint until then, and meanwhile everyone on the plane just has to wait in this corridor with no seats, while through an impenetrable glass partition we can see the departure lounges with hundreds of empty seats.

Completed at home

Eventually the airport staff arrived and opened the security checkpoint, so we could escape the corridor of doom and sit down in seats in the departure lounge. Many passengers complained and said they would lodge formal complaints with the airport later. We had some fruit juice and a scone while we waited to reboard our flight to Sydney.

Eventually we departed and landed in Sydney, and made our way home after an action-packed trip!

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