A poem written in FORTRAN 77. I wrote this in 1991. It was quoted by Sharon Hopkins in her paper Camels and Needles: Computer Poetry meets the Perl Programming Language, presented at the Usenix Winter 1992 Technical Conference in San Francisco.

    program life

    implicit none
    real people 
    real problems
    complex relationships 
    volatile people
    common problems 
    character friendship
    logical nothing 
    external influences 

    open (1,file=friendship,status='new')
2   format (a,'letter') 
    write (1,2) 'her'
c   what happens 
    if (nothing) write (1,2) 'her again'
    if (nothing) then
        close (1,status='delete') 
        open (2,file='reply',status='old',readonly)
        read (2,2) friendship
        close (2,status='keep') 
        close (1,status='save')
    end if


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