Fox in Socks Comes Back

Copyright 1992 David Mar

(with sincere apologies to Dr Seuss)

Fox is back.
Knox is back.
Fox's socks are back.
Knox's box is back.

Knox's box
is a 286.
Knox's box
is hard to fix.
Fox in socks
does hacks and tricks
to fix poor
Knox's box for kicks.

Mice with dice come.
Mice with lice come.
Mice with dice and
lice and rice come.

Let's try some fun
with mice and dice, sir.
We'll have some fun
in quite a trice, sir.
Let's try some fun
with lice and rice, sir.
I think that that
would be quite nice, sir.

First, I'll try a
nice mice high-rise.
Then I'll try a
nice dice high-rise.
You can try a
nice lice high-rise.
You can try a
nice rice high-rise.

And here's a
new trick, Mr Knox.
Socks on mice
and mice on fox.
Fox on dice
on lice and rice.
Lice and rice
on Knox is nice.

Please, sir. My tongue
almost cries, sir.
These silly things
it does despise, sir.
I get all those
dice and rice, sir,
mixed up with the
lice and mice, sir.
Well, mince them up to
sell in pies, sir.
Do you really
think that's wise, sir?
That's what Four and
Twenty tries, sir.

Here's an easy
game to play.
Here's an easy
thing to say.

New suds.
Soap suds.
Whose suds?
Sue's suds.

Who sees whose suds?
Sue sees Sue's suds.
Who sees who see
whose soap suds, sir?
You see Sue see
Sue's soap suds, sir.

Stop it now or
I'll spill blood, sir.
Who comes?
Crow comes.
Slow Joe Crow comes.

Who sees crow's suds?
Sue sees Crow's suds.
Slow Joe Crow
sees whose suds?
Sue's suds.

Sue's soap suds on
fox in socks now.
Slow Joe Crow's soap
suds in box now.

Sue sets suds on
Slow Joe Crow's suds.
Fox sets suds on
Slow Joe Crow's suds.

Soaps slip.
Suds slop.

Sue's slippery soap
slops suds in sink.
Sue's sloppy suds
slip soap in sink.

Mr Fox!
I hate this stuff, sir.
Of this stuff
I've had enough, sir.
Mr Knox, sir,
that's just tough, sir.

Here is something
to behold now.
Here is lots of
old cold mould now.

Old mould. Cold mould.
Mouldy. mouldy.
Cold mould. Old mould.
Mouldy. mouldy.

Mouldy mould
for foldy folding!
That's what that
Mould-Mole is holding.
Are you sold on
folding mould, sir?
If on folding
mould you're sold, sir,
with the Mould-Mole
fold that mould, sir.

Mr Fox, that
mould's incredible!
It makes Wentworth
food look edible!
But I won't fold it,
I can't eat it.
And my tongue just
Can't repeat it.
Very well, sir,
step this way.
We'll find another
game to play.

Bim comes.
Ben comes.

Bim runs drugs.
Ben drugs nuns.
Ben drugs nuns with
drugs Bim runs.

Nuns Ben drugs crave
Bim's run drugs.
Bim and Ben get
plugged with slugs.

Drugged nuns' slugs plug
two smug drug thugs.
Drugged nuns lug smug
drug thugs' ugly mugs
to the shallow
graves they've dug.
Drugged cops sweep the case
under the rug.

Drugged nuns! Drug thugs!
Drugged cops! Slug plugs!
My poor mouth can't
say that. No, sir.
My poor mouth is
much too slow, sir.
Well then...
bring your mouth this way.
I'll find it something
it can say.

Luke Luck is back.
Luke's duck is back.
Luke Luck wears black.
Luke's duck says quack.

Duck says quack
while Luke wears black.
Luke wears black
while duck says quack.

Luke Luck looks
at Luke's duck's beak.
Luke's duck looks
at Luke Luck speak.
Luke speaks of being
back in black.
Duck's beak is being
back to quack.

Luke Luck cooks duck.
Luke's duck is out of luck.
Soon Luke Luck's duck
will be in Luke Luck.

Luke Luck's lake is back.
Luke Luck's lake is black.
The Exxon Valdez
tanks are cracked.
The Exxon execs
should be sacked.

Mr Fox,
although that's true,
my tongue can't
quite say it through.
Mr Knox. Now
come now. Come now.
You don't have to
be so dumb now...

Try to say this,
Mr Knox, please...

Through three sobbing songs
three threshing thrushes rushed.
While threshing thrushes rushed,
songs made throbbing throngs.
Throbbing throngs threw thrones
at three rushing thrushes.
Thrown thrones thrashed thrushes,
throwing thrushes into throes.
That's what made those
throne-thrashed thrushes think thrice.

Stop it! Stop it!
I can't stand it, sir.
Stop it! Stop it!
I demand it, sir.
What you get and
what you demand, sir,
very seldom
go hand in hand, sir.

Let's have a little talk
about politicians...

What do you know
about politicians?

When a politician gets elected,
he's called a jolly polli.

And when he makes
a speech in the rain,
he's a jolly brolly polli.

AND when jolly pollies
with brollies get fat
on their inflated salaries,
they're called jolly
roly-poly brolly pollies.

When jolly roly-poly
pollies with brollies
start to misappropriate funds,
it's a jolly roly-poly
brolly polli folly.

When the follies of a jolly
roly-poly polli with a brolly
are investigated by the ICAC,
it's a jolly roly-poly
brolly polli folly worry.

When the folly worries of jolly
roly-poly polli with a brolly
are made public and the polli
makes a retirement speech afterwards,
it's a jolly roly-poly brolly
polli folly worry sorry.

Now wait a minute,
Mr Socks Fox!

When a fox is making
the retirement speech on the
folly worries of a jolly
roly-poly polli with a brolly.
THIS is what they call...

... a jolly roly-poly brolly
polli really worried sorry
fox in socks folly, by golly!

Fox in socks,
our game is done again.
Thank you for
a lot of fun again.

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