Dino Park - GM Information

Warning: these notes are for the GM's eyes only. If you intend playing this adventure as a player, reading these notes will spoil your enjoyment of the game.


Dino Park may be played either as a one-shot, stand alone adventure, or as part of an ongoing campaign. It fits in best with a campaign resembling the television series The X-Files, but is also workable in a mundane, present-day, FBI investigators type campaign. If you have a mundane campaign and wish to introduce elements of weird science and conspiracy, this adventure forms a good bridge to that genre.

For the purposes of the adventure run as a one-shot, the non-FBI characters can be considered to be freelance consultants occasionally used by the FBI in cases where their special skills may be required. In an investigative campaign, it is unlikely that the existing PCs will have the skills necessary for this adventure. In this case, a freelance NPC consultant can be brought in, who should have skills in the necessary areas where the PCs are lacking.

The full adventure is described in the following sections.

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