Amber Nebula Campaign Log

The Amber Nebula is an ongoing GURPS Space campaign. This is a chronicle of the campaign events, as recorded in the log of the free trading vessel Legacy. A description of the campaign setting is also available.

The campaign has just finished its third season with the double episode season finale For Queen and Story / The Liberation of Rubilith.. The campaign is now on between-season hiatus.

The Intrepid Player Characters. From left: Iki Piki, Serron, Ogier Spacebourne, Spanners, Sirene Song.

[star map of travels] Season 1

  1. Deep Freeze in Deep Space. 25 April, 2775. (Earth | Lyrane)
    In which the characters are introduced and a space gets a good deal colder.
  2. Shadows of Forgotten Aliens. 29 April, 2775. (Lyrane | Chikrel)
    In which the ruins of an ancient alien civilisation are investigated.
  3. Artefacts and Piracy. 04 May, 2775. (Chikrel | Lyrane)
    In which priceless alien artefacts are recovered, temporarily.
  4. The Long Arm of the Law. 14 May, 2775. (Lyrane)
    In which the Legacy crew have dealings with the Lyrane legal system.
  5. Spin Doctors. 17 May, 2775. (Bollux)
    In which the Legacy encounters a ship in distress.
  6. Emerald City. 25 May, 2775. (Bollux)
    In which a mysterious woman joins the crew and greed gains the upper hand.
  7. I Hates Rabbits. 01 June, 2775. (Earth)
    In which Iki Piki becomes convinced that rabbits are highly explosive.
  8. Cold Night on Dashgad. 07 June, 2775. (Arawne | Dashgad)
    In which a simple cargo job on a farming world turns out not to be so simple.
Season 2
  1. Long Night on Dashgad. 13 June, 2775. (Dashgad)
    In which the Season 1 cliffhanger is resolved, but leads to an even greater one.
  2. New Dawn on Dashgad. 13 June, 2775. (Dashgad | Arawne)
    In which the citizens of Dashgad make their final stand.
  3. Cowboys and Engines. 15 June, 2775. (Arawne | Rubilith)
    In which engine failure forces the crew to split up and a familiar face returns.
  4. The Old Enemy. 28 June, 2775. (Rubilith)
    In which the crew appear in court again and a deal is made with the devil.
  5. Operation Orionis. 29 June, 2775. (Rubilith)
    In which the devil is in disguise and a new passenger is picked up.
  6. Bread and Circuses. 03 July, 2775. (Inverness)
    In which the crew are subjected to barbarism and Paris feels something should be done.
  7. Diplomatic Interference. 17 July, 2775. (Inverness)
    In which Paris takes things into her own hands and diplomacy wins out over action.
  8. Absent Friends. 19 July, 2775. (Arawne)
    In which the crew returns to the Legacy, only to not be reunited.
  9. Hijack and the Beanstalk. 24 July, 2775. (Arawne | Acropolis)
    In which fashion sense is offended and a nuclear bomb is disarmed with plastic cutlery.
  10. Send in the Clones. 04 August, 2775. (Acropolis)
    In which friends are recovered but something else is lost.
Season 3
  1. If It Ain't Fixed, Don't Broke It. 08 August, 2775. (Acropolis | Arawne)
    In which two crew members are replaced by new ones and the morality of business is discussed.
  2. The Great Frog God. 28 August, 2775. (Oceania)
    In which the crew try Pachekki food and a religious cult meets their doomsday.
  3. Any Port in a Storm. 31 August, 2775. (Oceania)
    In which a storm causes severe problems and Paris learns to play Qu'bindi.
  4. Slime Planet Blackmail Tango. 16 September, 2775. (Vallauris)
    In which the Legacy makes an emergency landing and Paris' past catches up with her.
  5. Slip Sliming Away. 17 September, 2775. (Vallauris)
    In which slime features heavily and some extraordinary news is received.
  6. Stars and Strikes. 03 October, 2775. (Banforth)
    In which the crew avoid being called scabs and news from afar is encouraging.
  7. For Queen and Story. 04 October, 2775. (Arawne)
    In which Lycroft tells an intriguing story and ably assists Queen Natasha.
  8. The Liberation of Rubilith. 26 October, 2775. (Arawne | Rubilith)
    In which the crew chase Viscount Conrad and Natasha makes a speech.

The map shows all the worlds visited by the characters, with proper 3-dimensional relationships. The order of visitation is indicated by the shading following the prismatic colour sequence: Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Violet.

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