Spicklehead is a physically demanding strategy game for any number of players. Game length is very short, so you can play lots of games in a row.



Choose a player to take the first turn by any means desired. Give each player a can or glass of beer.

Game Play

Players take turns in sequence. At any time during another player's turn, any player may drink beer or request a refill.

The player whose turn it is arranges any number of pyramids on the table in front of him, in any manner he pleases. Nested towers are legal. Then he slams his head down on to the pyramids in an attempt to touch as many of them as possible.

Scoring and Winning

When the player whose turn it is raises his head, he is awarded points as follows: Remove the pyramids once the score is calculated. The winner of each round is the player who scores the most points. For a longer game, tally points over an agreed number of rounds and the highest total wins.


The best arrangement for pyramids is a densely packed structure with many sharp points upright. Lying down pyramids are virtually worthless, since they are hard to embed properly, though they might be used as platforms to raise the points of smaller pyramids up to the height of large ones.

Small pyramids stick better because of their smaller size and weight, but are worth the fewest points. Players should aim for a mix of sizes to ensure some high scoring opportunities.

The level of beer drunk during play is crucial. Players must judge how much is required to deaden the pain while still allowing reasonably accurate head slams. Beer quality also comes into play.


Solo Play

Aim to beat your own high score over a certain number of rounds.

Pyramid Carry-Over

In this variant, players get three attempts to score as high as possible by slamming their heads down on the pyramids in quick succession, leaving any already embedded pyramids in place. This gives skilful players a chance to cover more of their forehead area with pyramids from different parts of the table arrangement.

Other Body Areas

Players used to Spicklehead may like to try Spicklechest, Spickletorso, Spickleback, or Spicklefoot.


Game Design: David Morgan-Mar.
Playtesting: No takers yet.

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