Bartok is a fun, fast-paced card game. It's also very easy to learn and has probably the fewest rules of any card game in existence.

Get a standard pack of cards (remove jokers) and some rowdy friends, because here are the rules:

  1. Choose a dealer. After each hand, the player on the dealer's left should become the new dealer. The deal is 7 cards each, with one card placed face up in the centre to start the discard pile, and the remainder face down as a draw pile.
  2. If a player breaks any rule, either purposefully or accidentally, and the breach is noted by other players, that player must immediately draw a penalty card.
  3. Players may not ask questions while the game is in progress.
  4. Players may not address or refer to any other player by name while the game is in progress.
  5. Players take turns in clockwise sequence. During a player's turn, they must either discard a card from their hand which matches the suit or number of the card on top of the discard pile, or if they cannot do so, draw a card.
  6. Whenever the number of cards in a player's hand reaches one, they must say "Bartok".
  7. The first player to rid their hand of cards wins the hand. The winner of the hand must invent one new rule before the start of the next hand.
That's it! Simple, huh?

Oh, what's that? "What sort of new rules can you invent?"

I'm glad you asked... Here are some samples:

Use your twisted imagination...

Oh dear... Yahoo actually has a category for Bartok and similar games.

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