Ook! is a programming language designed for orang-utans. Ook! is essentially isomorphic to the well-known esoteric language BrainF***, but has even fewer syntax elements.

Design Principles

Language Concepts

If you are familiar with BrainF*** you can skip straight to the syntax elements section. Note that since Ook! is trivially isomorphic to BrainF***, it is well-established that Ook! is a Turing-complete programming language.

Memory Array and Pointer

Ook! uses a large array of integers as storage space, all initially set to zero. A Memory Pointer begins pointing at the first array cell.


Since the word "ook" can convey entire ideas, emotions, and abstract thoughts depending on the nuances of inflection, Ook! has no need of comments. The code itself serves perfectly well to describe in detail what it does and how it does it. Provided you are an orang-utan.

Syntax Elements

Ook! has only three distinct syntax elements: These are combined into groups of two, and the various pair combinations specify commands. Programs must thus contain an even number of "Ook"s. Line breaks are ignored.


Um, that's it. That's the whole language. What do you expect for something usable by orang-utans?


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