HQ9++ is an object-oriented extension of the well-known esoteric language HQ9+, created by Cliff L. Biffle.

Design Principles

Language Concepts

HQ9+ was created to make some very common programming tasks extremely straightforward. HQ9++ bulds on this strong core functionality with the purest implementation of the object-oriented paradigm in any language.

Hello, World!

The quintessential test of a programming language is its ability to print the statement "Hello, World!" HQ9+ naturally allows the writing of this test program in a very efficient and straightforward manner.

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

A good test of a language's control flow and recursive capabilities is the ability to print the full lyrics to the song "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" with code as concise as possible. HQ9+ provides the definitive standard in this test.


A quine is a program that print its own source code. In most languages this requires some very tricky programming. HQ9+ again set a new standard for this test of a programming language's capability.


HQ9++ extends HQ9+ by allowing it to define and instantiate objects. HQ9++ is a so-called pure object-oriented language, in that all data is stored in objects - there are no simple variables such as the integers or chars which exist in "unpure" object-oriented langages such as C++ or Java.

Syntax Elements

HQ9++ has four syntax elements: These are combined into five different commands, described below.



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