Rules of Cricket

Adverse Weather Conditions

Rain or Other Precipitation

The umpires make all decisions regarding continuation of play if rain falls. They will continue playing so long as there is no danger of the pitch becoming damaged by virtue of becoming significantly wet. In practice, this means they will play through a light shower, but heavier or sustained rain will cause the umpires to stop play.

Once off the field, either due to rain or an interval in play, play may not resume until the rain completely stops.

Time lost due to rain may be made up with extended playing hours if the playing conditions in force from the local governing body allow. If the extended hours are insufficient to make up all the time lost, the additional time is simply lost from the allowed playing time.

Poor Light

If, in the opinion of the umpires, the available light becomes insufficient to allow the batsmen to sight the ball easily, the umpires will offer the light to the batsmen. The batsmen may elect to leave the field, or continue playing.

If the batsmen elect to continue playing, the umpires will only offer the light to them again if, in their opinion, it degrades further to a significant degree.

If the batsmen elect to leave the field, play may only resume if, in the opinion of the umpires, the light improves significantly.

Time lost due to poor light may be made up as per time lost due to rain.

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