Governing Bodies of Cricket

International Cricket Council

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is the governing body for Test Match and One Day International cricket. It: Governing bodies for organised cricket played in a country, a group of countries affiliated for cricket purposes, or a geographical region may apply for and be granted membership of the ICC at three tiers of membership: Full members have one representative each on the ICC Executive Board, Management Committee, and Playing Committee. Associate members between them elect three representatives to each of these groups. Affiliate members do not have voting or representative rights within the ICC.

Moving up the membership tiers is achieved by nations applying for membership at the next highest level. Their application is considered and voted on by the ICC Board based on the appropriate membership criteria. The Associate Members pushing hardest for Test status are, in approximate order: Kenya, Netherlands, Canada, Scotland, Namibia, USA, UAE.

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National Cricket Boards

The national cricket boards for the Test nations are responsible for organising cricket within their nation. This includes: Some national boards are also responsible for promoting cricket in non-Test nations in their immediate surrounding geographical region of the world.

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