When it rains, it pours

Well, that was fun. I decided to stay home from work because of the huge “once in a hundred years” storm and the flooding and the transport delays and the bad drivers. I thought I’d get a lot of hobby stuff done. Instead I spent the whole day in the emergency ward.

I had some sudden and fairly severe visual flashes and obscuration around 9am. Phoned an ophthalmologist for advice and they said get to emergency right away. The hospital decided it was either (a) an ocular migraine without associated headache, (b) a detached retina, or (c) a stroke.

Two ophthalmologists (and a trainee) all studied my eyes, concluded the retina was fine. So neurology sent me for a CT scan and did some neuro tests on me. No sign of a stroke at all. So the diagnosis was a migraine.

After all this and several hours of waiting in an emergency bed, they discharged me just after 5pm. A whole day gone! But on the bright side, among all the people who called in “sick” today because of the weather, I actually have a genuine doctor’s certificate for taking the day as sick leave.

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