Old Italy 2001 travel diary updated

I’ve just completed one of the long-term projects on my to-do list: Upgrading the travel diary I wrote for my trip to Italy back in 2001. This diary used to have just one or two photos per page, and embedded only as tiny thumbnails.

I’ve gone through all of my photos from this trip, cleaned up a lot of them, and posted many more than before to my Flickr album for the trip. I took 662 photos on the trip (all on film – digital was barely even a thing back then!), and now 447 of those photos are uploaded and viewable. And I’ve embedded large, clickable versions of many of the best photos into the travel diary, with captions. I’ve also caught and fixed a bunch of typos, and added a few new paragraphs of material describing things that happened on the trip which I hadn’t previously recorded.

I’m very happy with this upgrade to this diary. It was the first really big overseas trip I took with my wife, and there are a lot of great memories in there as we discovered Italy for the first time.

Now I just have another 11 travel diaries to perform similar upgrades on…

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