Toon time

As a warm-up for next week’s Ravenloft game, I ran a quick game of Toon at lunch today. I planned to run it later in the week, but one of the players will be away, so I improvised without the rule book. I downloaded a character sheet from the net, printed out some copies, and ran the whole game with no other reference material at all.

The guys created characters:

  • Herman the Merman, who had a trident and a Belief & Goal of “Find the Lost Treasure of Atlantis”.
  • Pattowl Owlhoot, a trench-coated, fedora-wearing owl, obsessed with finding out WHOO-dunnit.
  • Bip, a road runner, who piled all his points into Incredible Speed, Flying, Running, and Teleporting, at the expense of… well every other skill.
  • Zock, a shape-shifting dragonfly armed with a bowling ball.
  • Nugs, a chicken, whose primary goal was “Cross the road”.

The adventure was to run a saloon in an ornery western frontier town, across the road from a rival saloon owned by a huge mustachioed man with a penchant for guns and cannons, and try to make more money than their rival. They ended up destroying his saloon three times, stealing all his liquor, and his dancing girls, and his customers. Actually, they bought all his liquor, using money pilfered from the large moneybags of a filthy rich aristocrat who drove into town in his gold-plated Rolls Royce and decided to slake his thirst in the PCs’ saloon (based on the fact they’d posted a sign on the rival saloon proclaiming it sold poisoned beer).

There was high-stakes gambling, the Lost Treasure of Atlantis was actually found, the chicken crossed the road four times, there were a couple of explosions, there was accordion music and dancing girls, and the filthy rich aristocrat declared the PCs’ saloon so delightful that he offered to buy it from them for 10 million dollars! The dollar signs went ka-ching in their eyes and they accepted… only for the aristocrat to discover all his money had been stolen!

Cue ironic slide flute twang and roll end credits!

It was a great way to spend a lunch hour.

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