Ravenloft approaching

The characters have been created, I’ve reread the module, and the date has been set. My friends venture into Ravenloft on Friday 30 August. The stalwart band includes:

  • Westhorn, a dwarven fighter.
  • Volrak, a human paladin.
  • Leaf (or maybe it was Leif), a half-elven ranger.
  • Henri leMarche, a dwarven thief.
  • Puegom, a gnomish magic-user.
  • (to be named), a human cleric.

Although we’re playing 1st Edition AD&D, I’m basically ignoring the racial class limitations (thus Puegom). I’m currently in the process of working out what magic items they all own, the assumption being they are a seasoned band of adventurers who have already shared some exploits together.

I’m really looking forward to this. I haven’t run D&D for… well, since 1st Edition was the current edition!

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  1. Drachefly says:

    Wait… FIRST edition? I thought second was a pretty significant improvement in most ways and neutral in the others, so why? (I can see why not 3rd or 4th)

  2. The main reason is because I grew up playing 1st edition and have the rulebooks, and know the rules inside out, while I have never played 2nd edition and do not have the rulebooks. I’d switched almost exclusively to GURPS by the time 2nd edition came along.

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