I’m back from three and a bit days in Tokyo. Most of it was business, with meetings and stuff, but I got some time off to do some sightseeing. And there are a lot of sights to see in Tokyo. Here’s a photo from each day.

22/365 View from Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Tokyo

Tuesday I arrived after sunset. This was the view from my hotel room window in Shinagawa.

23/365 Tokyo parking

Wednesday I went to Shimomaruko for business meetings at Canon Inc. headquarters. Shimomaruko has a much smaller “village” feel than skyscraper feel, with detached houses and little fruit stalls and stuff in the streets.

24/365 Meiji Jingu Garden

Thursday I had a few hours free before meetings to tour Meiji Jingu, the major Shinto shrine in Tokyo.

25/365 Akihabara Electric Town

Friday I went to the National Museum, and spent some time in Akihabara, which is the major electronics retail area. It’s insane!

Four very different flavours of Tokyo in four days.

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