Paris accommodation

Planning a holiday trip to Paris. We’ll be staying 7 nights. Anyone have any opinions or experience on hotels versus short-hire apartments for this purpose. I like the idea of having a place with a kitchen where we can buy from markets and cook our own food for at least some of the time. And some of the apartments I’m finding on the web have weekly rates under what we’d pay for 7 nights in a hotel. I’m just a bit worried about level of cleanliness and so on.

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  1. Chris Robertson says:

    First, a quick disclaimer. I have no experience outside of the United States with this, so I’m not sure if this anecdotal data will be the least bit helpful.

    I have kids with food allergies. As such we have difficulty with eating out and always find vacation rentals wherever we go. So far I haven’t hit a bad one. I have used the website “Vacation Rentals By Owner” (it’s easy to find if you are interested) and a quick check shows they have listings for Paris. Best of luck, and take lots of pictures.

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