After Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, and Gonzo, who is the next most important/significant Muppet?

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  1. Mike says:

    Statler and Waldorf, jointly.

  2. Ramses says:

    If they count as one, statler and waldorf. Otherwise, animal is at least the most memorable.

  3. John says:


  4. GAZZA says:

    If Statler and Waldorf are the two “critics”, then yeah, they’re probably the most significant, but I don’t think it bodes well that I didn’t even know they HAD names. Animal is far more memorable. Swedish Chef, possibly, as well.

  5. Andy says:


  6. Tim Eisele says:

    I’d go for Rolf and Sweetums – Rolf because he’s the senior mentor for all the other Muppets (even Kermit), and Sweetums because he’s the prime representative of the entire class of monster muppets that contain an entire human.

  7. cicely says:

    The Swedish Chef.

  8. Chris Robertson says:

    Are you seriously putting the Swedish Chef above Rowlf the Dog? Personally, I’d put Rizzo the Rat (and Beaker!) above the Swedish Chef. Bork indeed.

  9. Drachefly says:

    Elmo, because his arrival signaled the great decline of Sesame Street.

  10. Tah says:

    What? No one has mentioned Scooter yet? Though honestly I’d pick Animal and Beaker before him. Just surprised he didn’t get a mention.

    And that’s assuming you are referring to the Muppet Show (and various movies) muppets. If you’re talking of muppets in general then I would stick Elmo in behind Kermit (thought younger generations would probably put him in before Kermit). And Cookie Monster and Grover would go in ahead of Miss Piggy, too.

  11. Dinadan says:

    @ Tah: If we’re talking about Muppets in general, then surely the answer would be Yoda? (Original Trilogy that is) =P

    In reply to the original question: Agree with the Stalter and Waldorf nominations

  12. Tah says:

    @Dinadan Oh yeah! Good point. :-)

    But I don’t think I could put Yoda at the top of the list alone. He would probably have to be tied with Kermit.

  13. Bob Portnell says:

    From the long view: either Rowlf or Big Bird. And Piggy, Fozzie, and Gonzo don’t even make the cut.

    Yoda is right out — not a Muppet. He was designed and fabricated at ILM, by Lucaspeople. The Henson organization was not involved.

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