At Home With Julia

Highly amused that the sitcom At Home With Julia can show a sex scene between actors playing the Prime Minister and her partner, on the floor of the Prime Minister’s office, draped in an Australian flag. Doubly amused that the show is produced by the ABC, which is funded by the Government.

I wonder if an American TV network would be allowed to air a sitcom with actors playing the President and his wife, having sex in the Oval Office, covered in an American flag.

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  1. Tah says:

    “Allowed to”? Yes, of course. But I highly doubt they would. And if they did there would be a huge uproar about it. Outrage by parents (even though it wouldn’t air until probably the 10:00 pm hour), disgust by patriotic flag wavers and political flap from both sides.

    All-in-all a major headache for the broadcast company, though there would be tons of free publicity and ratings would jump from people wanting to see the show all the more, even if they never repeated anything similar.

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