Owl Butterfly

Big WingOne of my favourite photos from my recent trip to South America. This is a species of giant owl butterfly, taken in the Peruvian jungle near Puerto Maldonado, a stone’s throw from the Rio Madre de Dios, which is the largest tributary of the Amazon. This is probably the biggest butterfly I’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately I can’t quite identify the exact species of owl butterfly. It somewhat resembles either the Forest giant owl butterfly (Caligo eurilochus), Idomeneus giant owl butterfly (Caligo idomeneus), or Illioneus giant owl butterfly (Caligo illioneus), but not enough that I’m positive about an identification. It may be another species I haven’t managed to find good pictures of to make a comparison. If anyone can make a positive ID, I’d be grateful.

Yes, that’s my wife in the background. :-)

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