Today was a serious housecleaning day. I started work on cleaning the windows, flyscreens, and blinds around 10 am (after doing a quick dash up to the shops for some groceries in the morning). Normally I remove the sliding window panes, wash them on both sides, the remove the flyscreens and give them a brush with a dustpan brush, then clean the fixed panes inside and out, and then put it all back. I do this job maybe a couple of times a year.

Today I decided to wash the flyscreens rather than just brush them off. This meant I had to keep them out for longer, which delayed putting back the sliding window panes as the screens need to go back in first. And so in between I took down all the vertical blinds and washed those, soaking them in bleach, and then rinsing them off and hanging them out to dry. Oh, and as well as washing the glass balcony windows and sliding glass door, I removed the sliding flyscreen door and washed that too.

I took a break for lunch, and another to take Scully to the dog park around 4 pm, and then another break to cook and eat dinner. The cleaning job wasn’t finished until the blinds got reinstalled after dinner, around 7:30 pm.

So that was my day… How was yours?

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Cleaning and painting

I achieved a lot today – most of it housework and home handyman stuff. I gave the kitchen a thorough clean, removing everything from the benchtops and dusting, removing crumbs, etc., then polishing the stone. I emptied the crumbs out of the toaster, scrubbed everything clean to get spots off: toaster, kettle, cooktop, rangehood, splashbacks, pasta jars, food processor, microwave. I moved the microwave and cleaned underneath it. I scoured the sink with steel wool. Cleaned the cupboard doors. Even cleaned the window sill. It’s a big chunk of work, but it’s nice having a sparkling, spotless kitchen.

Then I did another round of painting, both white on the ceilings, and the off-white of the walls, over the various repairs we had done a while ago. This should be the final coat, so I tidied up the paint tins that have been sitting around for weeks and threw away the paint-spattered dropsheet. There was also laundry folding, loading and unloading the dishwasher, and some vacuuming.

In between all this I went for a walk to get some lunch. I got fish and chips, and instead of walking to my usual eating spot on the cliff overlooking the harbour, where I was pestered by magpies last time, I walked to another location, a steep climb down the hill to the water’s edge on the other side of the peninsula.

Jago Street view

It was really nice here! I thought there was a path connecting it to the next park around the shore, and I tried to go there to walk back via that way, but I couldn’t find a path through the bush on the steep bank. I suspect there might be private property in between going all the way down to the waterline, making it impossible to walk from one park to the other along the shore, which is annoying. So I had to backtrack the way I came.

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