DM and MM's USA and Canada 2004 Trip Diary

Day 24 - Sydney

Monday, 19 April, 2004

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They served breakfast on the plane at 03:00 Sydney time, although it was a late breakfast by Pacific Time standards. We landed three hours later, right after the curfew lifted at Sydney Airport. Going through immigration and to the baggage claim, we noted that at least two other flights, from London and Frankfurt, had also landed within minutes of ours, and the number of passengers queuing up and milling around was quite large.

Our bags appeared fairly quickly and we declared a wooden bowl and 6 pounds of Jelly Bellies to customs, who wanted only to inspect the bowl for wood-boring insects. Finding none, we were sent on our way.

Michelle's parents were waiting outside to take us home, as the sun rose on a beautiful Sydney day. Home at last!

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