DM and MM's USA and Canada 2004 Trip Diary

Day 1 - Sydney to Vacaville

Saturday, 27 March, 2004

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We've just settled in on board the flight from Sydney to Los Angeles. The most exciting event of the trip has happened already - we are on the same plane as The Wiggles!

I was wandering around in the departure gate area as we waited for the queue to board to get a bit shorter and when I returned to where Michelle was sitting she said, "You know were standing right next to The Wiggles?" I looked and there they were! All except Jeff, who Michelle said must have been sleeping somewhere. :-) They were also travelling with a bit of an entourage, many of whom were wearing Wiggles T-shirts. I'd seen several of them at the check-in and thought, "Wow, they must really be popular with the tourists if so many have bought T-shirts."

At the moment we are sitting way back in row 61 of economy. We saw The Wiggles sitting up the front in business class. I'm hoping they do a bit of a concert for us in the flight.

Los Angeles Airport 12:07

We're sitting at LAX waiting for our connecting flight to San Francisco. After a 13 hour flight we are surprisingly alert and awake despite getting basically no sleep. We cleared US Customs with no trouble and rechecked our luggage for SFO before heading upstairs to terminal 4 - the American Airlines terminal. Oddly, the flight number on our boarding passes issued at Sydney seems to be non-existent, but after asking someone we managed to find Gate 46B, where a flight to San Francisco is leaving at 12:50. The gate has QF3217 on it, so this seems this is the right connection.

Michelle needed to get a croissant and coffee at Starbucks after not eating much on the plane. We saw The Wiggles again going through Customs, and finally saw Jeff there. Strangely they were going through separately, with lots of other people between, rather than in a close group. Lots of their entourage, wearing Wiggles gear, also went through in random groups. Michelle saw then again in the domestic terminal for a connecting flight, but we don't know where they might be going.

There is a group of three young women sitting in the terminal not far away, each one munching away on the hugest hamburgers I have ever seen, dripping with all sorts of meat and condiments. They also have the hugest serving of chips (a.k.a. fries) I have ever seen, and are dipping them in some sort of thick goopy sauce before eating them. And these women are quite slim, despite their apparent appetites. Amazing.

A woman on the PA just announced our flight would be boarding soon and used American Airlines AA1936 - the number on our boarding passes - which doesn't match the flight number displayed at the gate. Weird.

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