DM and MM's Thailand 2005 Trip Diary

Day 1 - Sydney to Phuket

Sunday, 10 April, 2005

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21:30 (Thai time) [00:30 Monday in Sydney]

We've just taken off from our first stop, in Melbourne of all places. Our flight to Chiang Mai makes stops in Melbourne, Phuket, and Bangkok, so it's a bit of a marathon.

Back in Sydney we checked in, grabbed a bite of dinner at the airport (Subway for Michelle, sushi for me), and then went through customs to our gate. After having our duty-free receipt collected, we stopped to open Michelle's new digital camera, but didn't find a handy power point to start charging the battery until too close to boarding time.

The plane left right on time at 21:20 and we landed in Melbourne an hour later. We got a small croissant sandwich on the way and ate them despite not being very hungry.

In Melbourne, we had to get off while they cleaned the plane for picking up new passengers and had quite a wait until take-off again at 00:15. We found a power point at a nearby gate and started charging the battery for Michelle's camera. While doing that, we took turns wandering around Melbourne airport and looking at the various shops. We didn't have any Australian money to spend, having run ourselves down to 10 cents back at Sydney by buying a Toblerone and a peppermint Freddo after our snacks.

Camera partly charged, we reboarded our plane for the long Melbourne-Phuket leg. We should arrive there around 06:00. Thankfully our bags are checked through to Chiang Mai and we don't have to clear customs and immigration until then.

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