DM and MM's Tasmania Trip Diary

Day 5 - Spirit of Tasmania to Lemonthyme Lodge

Thursday, 30 March, 2000

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We got up at 6am and went out on deck to see the ocean and sunrise behind a bank of clouds. At 6:30 we filed into the restaurant for brekky of cereal, croissants, and toast. By the time we'd done we could see Tasmania on the horizon.

The ship docked in Devonport on schedule at 08:30. We were initially told we would be called to drive our cars off 20 minutes after docking. A "technical fault" and a fruit-sniffing quarantine beagle check and 90 minutes later we were finally by our car waiting to drive off. I had thought we'd be nearly the first off because our car was right up the front, but they lowered a ramp behind the first four cars and let everyone else off first - then raised the ramp, got us to reverse on to it, lowered it again, and finally let us out!

We stopped just outside the terminal for a map check, then drove to Deloraine through some nice farming country. We stopped for lunch at a deli - vegie burger for Michelle and ham/salad baguette for me. We took off for a tiny "town" called Montana for the walk to Montana Falls, but a little way down the road a map check revealed we were on the way to Launceston instead - so we turned around and got on the right road.

Empty memory
Farm country between Deloraine and Mole Creek

More beautiful farming country later we reached the two buildings that was Montana and then further along the Montana Falls, which were on private property - $2 fee. The falls were nice, but not as tall or spectacular as expected.

Continuing on we drove a very scenic road to Mole Creek - stopped several times for panoramic pictures of forest and awesome mountains. We got petrol in Mole Creek - a lady pumped it in for us!

King Solomon's Cave, Mole Creek Karst National Park

We went on to Mole Creek Karst National Park, and King Solomon's Cave where we took the 3pm tour. Very impressive cave with lots of formations. Hope the photos turn out!

Geological studies in situ
King Solomon's Cave, Mole Creek Karst National Park

More scenic road led to Moina and then we turned on to 8km of dirt road to the Lemonthyme Lodge - a luxurious wilderness resort where we are staying for two nights. Dinner was posh - veg pasta for Michelle and lamb for me - followed by a Tasmanian cheese platter. Yum! During dinner the porch right outside our window was invaded by various wallabies, possums and other unidentified marsupials - bettongs or quolls or something. Very tame - the wallaby hopped right over for a pat when I went out, and the possum tried to climb on to me!

After dinner we did a load of laundry and retired for the night. Hopefully the weather for Cradle Mountain will be fine tomorrow!

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