DM and MM's Tasmania Trip Diary

Day 20 - Spirit of Tasmania to Canberra

Friday, 14 April, 2000

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Woke up 6:30am after a better night on the ship than the first one, but still not great. No sickness at all, but the small bunk beds are not the most comfortable.

After the ship docked, we drove straight through Melbourne and on to the Hume Highway for our longest travel day by far - all the way to Canberra. We stopped for a snack in Seymour, petrol in Euroa, lunch in Albury, petrol again in Gundagai, and finally in Canberra, about 8 hours after leaving Melbourne, raining heavily all the way, with some fog too.

Went to Dickson for dinner and had Thai food. Came back to the B&B with the electric carpet heating and crashed into bed, after watching Futurama on the telly.

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