DM and MM's Tasmania Trip Diary

Day 10 - Bronte Park to Pontville

Tuesday, 4 April, 2000

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An easy day today.

Up at 6:30 again, breakfast of Special K with icy cold milk - the fridge helped by the cold mountain air.

St Michael's, Bothwell
St Michael's Anglican Church, Bothwell

Basically spent the day driving through historic old towns such as Bothwell and Colebrook, and looking at old sandstone buildings.

St Patrick's, Colebrook
St Patrick's Catholic Church, Colebrook

Arrived at Pontville and our accommodation for the night - a lovely ivy-covered cottage called The Sheiling. Built in 1819 (allegedly) this was converted to a B&B recently by the owners. We checked in then took some photos and wandered over to take some of the church next door.

Dinner was Chinese at the local restaurant in nearby Brighton.

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