DM's New York 2016 Diary

Day 9-10 - New York to Sydney

Sunday, 19 June, 2016

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02:56 New York time (23:56 Saturday Los Angeles time)

I'm on the second leg of this flight, from LAX to Sydney. The flight from New York landed on time just a few minutes after 9pm Los Angeles time. I had an hour and a half before the Sydney flight departed, which meant just 30 minutes or so before boarding began. The transfer was trivially easy, being a short walk to the adjacent gate at LAX to pick up an A380.

I'm sitting next to a voluble man who has been chatting with me about his business refitting classic cars with modernised equipment, and his travels around the world. He's a keen photographer too and we've been sharing travel photos with each other from our iPads, sometimes even comparing our shots of the same places, such as Machu Picchu.

The dinner service is just starting, after which I will try to sleep for as much of the remainder of the flight as I can.

Monday 20 June. 18:20

After eating the late supper on the plane, I used an eyemask and earplugs to try to block out the surroundings and get some rest. I think I managed to snooze for a while, and the time passed reasonably quickly. I began waking up for the breakfast, a couple of hours before landing, which happened around 06:30 on Monday morning.

I was out of the airport quickly, thanks to having only carry-on baggage, and into a taxi after only a short wait in the taxi queue. The Monday morning traffic was the biggest hold up, but I was home by about 07:30, ending another trip that was mostly business, but included a good deal of sightseeing and other fun.

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