DM's Morocco and Spain 2014 Diary

Day 23 - Dubai

Sunday, 5 October, 2014

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07:21 Dubai time. Copthorne Airport Hotel, Dubai.

We've just woken up after about five hours of sleep. Our flight was uneventful on an Airbus A380, landing in Dubai just before 01:00 local time, or 23:00 back in Spain. We had to figure out where to go to get our hotel room for the few hours we are here in Dubai between flights, and we had to ask at several information desks in sequence as we traversed the giant airport. We had to exit through passport control. Eventually we ended up sitting in a small waiting area as others doing the same thing drifted in, also very tired off either our flight or perhaps some others.

We had to wait until almost 02:00 before they announced that a shuttle bus was ready to take us to the hotel. It was about a five minute drive away, and even though it was the dead of night, the temperature outside in the Dubai air was scorching at 33°C. The bus took us to the Copthorne Airport Hotel, where we checked in quickly and were told we'd receive a wake-up call for 07:00, to allow us to check out by 07:30 and catch a bus back to the airport for our next flight.

Copthorne Airport Hotel view, Dubai
Morning view from room window at Copthorne Airport Hotel.

09:15. Dubai Airport.

I got up at 07:00 and had a quick shower while M. snoozed a few more minutes. We grabbed our bags and checked out, then went to the hotel restaurant for a quick breakfast. I had muesli with fruit and yoghurt and a small croissant with some cheese. M. had corn flakes and then pancakes. After eating we went out to sit in the shuttle bus for ten minutes until it filled with people and departed for the airport.

We got to the airport a bit after 08:30, passed through security and passport control, then had to walk for about twenty minutes through the massive airport to reach our gate, by about 09:00, just half an hour before boarding.

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