DM's London 2016 Diary

Day 6 - London to Sydney

Saturday, 30 September, 2016

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The flight to Dubai was relatively quick and easy, and I half dozed most of the way as I was so tired. I even still felt a bit full from the sausage rolls at lunch, despite it being 21:30 by take off. I chose a chicken salad for my meal after take off, trying to keep relatively light, and refused the later snack.

We landed in Dubai shortly after sunrise local time, Saturday morning. I did the security shuffle to get into the departure lounge and then walked down to the Starbucks to buy a Dubai mug for Hailey. Then it was into the departure gate to wait until boarding. Unfortunately this flight is much fuller than from London, and the seat between me and my window buddy is now filled.

I was amused that one of the premiere movies being shown on this flight is Finding Dory, while one of the lunch menu options is "Thai style dory curry". I wonder if there are any kids watching the movie and eating Dory. Also, a guy a few seats ahead of me is watching Finding Dory, while a girl behind him, about ten years old, is watching Jaws. And rewinding bits to watch again.

The rest of the flight went by fairly eventlessly, I landed in Sydney at 06:00 on Sunday morning. We were the very first flight to land after the curfew, so passing through customs and immigration was a breeze and there were no queues at all for the taxis. I got home fairly quickly. (And then spent the day walking into the city and back, across the Harbour Bridge, to stay awake!)

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