DM and MM's Great Ocean Road Trip Diary

Day 8 - Adelaide to Sydney

Saturday, 4 November, 2006

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There isn't really much to say about today. We got up at 07:00 and quickly packed the last few items, then checked out and got a taxi to Adelaide Airport. The fare was a bare $17.20, much cheaper than in Sydney. After checking in with Qantas we proceeded into the terminal to find somewhere to get breakfast. We settled on an anonymous cafe where I got a pesto panini, full of salady stuff and grilled eggplant, and Michelle got a blueberry bagel and a coffee. Michelle was tempted by a second bagel once she'd finished the first, but decided instead on a hot chocolate from a very nice looking chocolate shop. It took her ages to get it, as the place was full of flight crews and customs staff, so it must have been good.

The flight back was eventless. I completed the cryptic crossword and two sudokus in the in-flight magazine, which just about took up the entire hour and 40 minutes of flying time. Sydney was overcast and chilly when we arrived, but as we broke out of the cloud cover it presented a beautiful patchwork of purple from all the jacaranda trees in full flower.

After landing, we grabbed a taxi home: $48, making the total spent on taxi airport transfers for the trip almost the same as that spent on the petrol we used driving ourselves over 1,250 kilometres. In fact adding the bus from Melbourne airport, the airport transfers cost more than that.

We arrived home about 12:30, one week and half an hour after we'd left.

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