The Demesnes - Other Major Races


Bugbears are even larger relatives of goblins and hobgoblins. Unlike their smaller brethren however, bugbears are hairy and their skin is yellow to brown. They stand about 7 feet tall. They are not as smart as goblins and form low technology tribes who must trade with other races for metal weapons and armour. They are typically armed with clubs, with only leaders privileged enough to use more sophisticated weapons. Bugbears live fairly primitive lives, hunting and raiding for food and moving on in a semi-nomadic fashion if the supply dries up or they are chased from the area.


Goblins are small humanoids standing about 4 feet high when fully grown. They have ugly faces with sharp teeth and green to yellow skin. They live in large tribal societies ruled by a class system of king, lords, and various minor nobles. The ruling classes are decided by strength, both individual and in number of supporters, with assassinations, coups, and wars of succession common. Goblin tribes often live in cave systems or abandoned or captured villages - seldom do they build shelters. They cultivate and collect fungus for food, and hunt and raid for meat. They mine for metal and can fashion poor quality weapons and armour from it. Goblins hate dwarves and will often attack on sight. The wars between the two races are legendary.


Hobgoblins are a larger race related to goblins. They stand as tall as humans but resemble their smaller cousins in features. They are slightly more intelligent than goblins and are capable of working metal skilfully, but otherwise follow the habits of the smaller race. Hobgoblins do occasionally form organised raiding parties and attack settlements of other races, which is something beyond the constant bickering of goblins.


Kobolds are a small humanoid race that look something like a cross between dogs and lizards. They stand about 3 feet tall. They form large tribes who commonly live in caves, ruins, or dim overgrown forests. They see well in darkness and avoid the full light of day if possible. They possess woodworking and some metalworking skill and will usually be armed with spears, nets, clubs, and some poor quality swords. Although not malevolently evil, kobolds see nothing wrong with raiding and stealing to gain what they want or need. They have no higher goals and will not injure people beyond necessity or take prisoners of any sort.


Merfolk are rarely seen by humans, but stories about them abound. They have human-shaped upper bodies attached to fish-like tails. They live exclusively underwater, usually in oceans, but some communities can be found in larger lakes. They are naturally excellent swimmers and breathe water. They can also breathe air and sometimes surface to speak or trade with surface-dwellers, but are incapable of moving on land and will weaken and die if removed from water. Merfolk are generally good-natured, but unfortunately most of the humans they come into contact with are fishermen who are competing for catches. Even given this, merfolk will rescue drowning humans if they can. Merfolk are deadly enemies of the sahuagin and will ally readily with other races against them.


Ogres are large humanoids, averaging about 8-9 feet tall. They resemble oversized humans with ugly features including thick knobbly hands, brow ridges, warts, and other minor deformities. They are evil, ill-tempered, and always hungry. They form small tribes who hunt for meat, often including any sentient races who happen to be available. Ogres are not technological, but will use scavenged weapons and armour (modifying it slightly so it sort of fits) and care for them reasonably well. Ogres are capable of understanding and making deals, and can sometimes be found in the employ of orcs, hobgoblins, or giants.


Orcs are humanoids who generally conform to the size and shape of humans, except for universally ugly visages with pig-like snouts and often small tusks. They are disturbingly common, forming tribal bands who squabble endlessly among themselves when they meet. They live in villages or small cave systems. Orcs practise farming and gathering but much prefer to hunt and raid for food. Being a "rule of might" society, weaker orcs are left behind to perform the boring food growing tasks while strong hunting parties venture forth. Orcs are capable of mining and working metal, and can produce some technology, though they usually limit themselves to weapons and armour. Orcs will dominate and bully weaker races such as kobolds or goblins into working for them if they are around. They are cunning and evil, and will kill and torture other races for fun.


Sahuagin are evil aquatic humanoids. They have arms and legs as humans, but their features are distinctively piscine, with fins and spines projecting from various places. They have scales all over, coloured blue-green to black. Their eyes are large and bulbous for seeing in the dim light of the seas and they have sharp fangs and claws. Sahuagin are at least as intelligent as humans and form large communities living on the seabed or in underwater caverns. They can walk on land and occasionally form large parties to raid coastal settlements for food and metal weapons (which they cannot produce underwater). They are not known to trade or co-exist peacefully with any other races. Sahuagin worship dark gods and their raids and movements through the oceans may have some intelligent and deeper purpose.


Thri-kreen are human-sized insectoids, resembling giant mantises. Their carapaces are generally green to brown or yellow. They form complex hierarchical societies who live in dry areas ranging from deserts to steppes. Thri-kreen are intelligent and craft goods from most materials except metal. Their weapons are skilfully chipped from hard stone such as obsidian and are of good quality. The race is neutrally disposed and will trade with most other races if an opportunity presents itself. The race they most often conflict with is lizard men - when bands meet in a desert they are usually competing for scarce resources.


Troglodytes are an evil reptilian race with barely enough intelligence not to be considered merely monsters. They are humanoid in shape, but clearly more reptilian than lizard men, with crests and spikes and a more hunched gait. Troglodytes form small bands living underground or in ruins or forests far from sunlight, which annoys them. They do not craft goods but will readily scavenge and use weapons if they can. The worst thing about troglodytes is their stench however, which will nauseate most humans and demi-humans who get near them, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Troglodytes do not raid surface dwellers much, but readily kill anyone who ventures into their territory.
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