Ship Refits

June 2775

Fusion Engine

Engine PowerPrice
1.0 GW$550,000
1.5 GW$700,000
2.0 GW$850,000

Ground Defence Weaponry


The following guns require turrets to house them. Guns have approximately 15 degree vertical movement, unless universal mount (below) is added.
Gauss Gatling Gun$4,250
Gatling Laser$10,000
Tripod Blaster$5,000
Gauss HMG$8,000


Prices are for 180 degree rotation, pop turret assemblies. Pop turrets are required to maintain ship sreamlining for atmospheric performance.
Gauss Gatling Gun$3,500
Other listed weapons$5,500

Turret Armour

Advanced composite armour to match hull. Note hull has DR 100. Turret may have more or less armour as desired.
WeaponPrice per DR
Gauss Gatling Gun$210
Other listed weapons$310

Universal Weapon Mount

Increases vertical arc of fire of a gun to 90 degrees.
Gauss Gatling Gun$20
Other listed weapons$35

Electrified Hull

This costs $40,310 for parts and installation of required wiring, internal insulation, and layering of conductive surface elements over the hull exterior.

Anti-Hijack Program

This monitors internal activity via cameras, motion sensors and microphones. The program analyses movements and activities of any desired passengers and can alert trusted crew members to any signs of suspicious behaviour patterns.

This is a Complexity-5 program, costing $10,000.

IFF Systems

Automatic Identify Friend-or-Foe transponders can be implanted into the bodies of trusted crew members, and portable versions can be given to trusted acquaintances. These require an IFF transmitter to be installed in the ship. The IFF system can be set to auto-fire weapons at unidentified targets. Note that automatic Targeting and Gunner programs will also be required.

IFF Transmitter$5000
IFF Transponder Implant$2500
Portable IFF Transponder$500
Targeting Program$250
Gunner Program$12500

Note that programs may be increased in Complexity to provide bonuses. This doubles the price for each increase.

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