URGENT Message

June 2775

RefN: Q/193X63712-B
Time: 2775-06-27-14:25:01 UTC (+Rubilith)
Orgn: Royal Office of Customs and Trade
From: Rubilith.starport.central.customs/
        Chief Medical Officer: Dr Octar Bereman
Attn: Crew of inbound passenger/freighter "Argonaut"
        Outbound from: Arawne.starport.SE-central
Subj: Quarantine alert

This memorandum is intended for all crew members and passengers aboard
the starship "Argonaut", registration Faagrin-AG-BA92123.

You are requested to check in with the Rubilith Central Starport
Quarantine Office immediately upon landing your craft at Rubilith
Central. A quarantine inspection of all persons and animals aboard
your craft will be required, pursuant to article 29 of the Galactic
Interstellar Commerce agreement, a portion of which is reprinted below:

        29.1    For the purposes of this article "the occupants" means:
                (a) any crew or passengers travelling aboard the
                spacecraft in question in whatever manner, including
                suspended animation,
                (b) any animals carried aboard,
                (c) any other animate biological entities or systems
                as deemed by local quarantine officers.
        29.2    The occupants shall agree to:
        29.2.1  Obey docking and quarantine procedures both upon
                departure from and approach to signatory worlds,
        29.2.2  Obey docking and quarantine procedures as directed
                by officials acting in the capacity of quarantine
                officers, or duly appointed officials operating on
                behalf of the quarantine office of signatory worlds,
        29.2.3  Declare any hazardous goods travelling within the
                occupants' craft,
        29.2.4  Attend medical inspections or obey quarantine restrictions
                as ordered by officials acting in the capacity of
                quarantine officers, or duly appointed officials operating
                on behalf of the quarantine office of signatory worlds,
        29.2.5  Seal airlocks aboard the occupants' craft and halt any
                atmospheric exchange machinery if ordered to do so by
                starport officials of signatory worlds,
        29.2.6  Remain in orbit and neither land nor attempt to land, nor
                depart orbit, nor leave for another world, if so ordered
                by starport officials of signatory worlds.

We have been informed that two crew members of the starship "Legacy"
(Registration Earth-VH-GX14273), currently berthed at Arawne South East
Central Starport, (namely Ogier Spacebourne and Sirene Song), have
contracted a viral infection requiring medical treatment. Medical advice
has indicated that the infection is a thrombotic phagedaena which is
treatable via conventional anti-viral medications, and is classified
under code C7 of the quarantine act and as such falls under section
29.2.4 of the above agreement.

You are required to land your craft at platform 5/E76 at Rubilith Central
where you will be met by a medical dispatch which will transport you to
the base infirmary. Please be advised that all crew members, passengers
and animals aboard must be examined by quarantine officers, and, if
necessary, treated with anti-viral agents, before you may proceed outside
the starport confines.

There are criminal penalties and charges associated with leaving the
starport without first being cleared through the Quarantine Office in
matters such as these, including:
        (a) confinement for periods of up to 170 days,
        (b) fines of up to 56,120 Rubilith sovereigns (approximately
            Earth$34,342) per offence,
        (c) confiscation of starships.

Upon attending the base infirmary, please present to the Chief Medical
Officer, Dr Octar Bereman, and quote the reference number stated at the
top of this message.

I hope you enjoy your stay on Rubilith.

Dr Jossel Targophan

| Dr Jossel Targophan                 Rubilith.aci.med.staff/targophan.j |
| On behalf of Dr Octar Bereman       Rubilith.aci.med.board/octar       |
| Royal Office of Customs and Trade   Rubilith.starport.central.customs/ |

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