History of Cricket

New Test Teams

West Indies

The West Indies played their first Test at Lord's in England on 23, 25, 26 June, 1928, becoming the fourth Test nation. The inexperienced West Indians were defeated by an innings and 58 runs. They played two more Tests in the series, at Manchester and The Oval, losing each by an innings for a comprehensive defeat.

England toured the West Indies in 1929/30, playing four Tests. The third Test at Georgetown, in British Guiana, was the first Test win by the West Indies. The West Indies then toured Australia the following season and became established as the fourth Test nation as they played England and Australia regularly. However, they would not play against South Africa until 1992, in a match that would turn out to be immensely significant.

New Zealand

New Zealand played their first Test against England at Christchurch on 10, 11, 13 January, 1930, becoming the fifth Test nation. They lost by 8 wickets, and went on to draw the remaining three matches in the series.

Although New Zealand played other nations regularly, they only played one Test against Australia until as late as 1973, that match being the first Test played after the Second World War in 1946. New Zealand played 44 Tests before they finally won a game, against the West Indies in 1956.


India played their first Test aginst England at Lord's on 25, 27, 28 June, 1932, becoming the sixth Test nation. They lost by 159 runs. India played only two more series against England before the Second World War, but after the war they played regularly, and scored their first Test win at Chennai, over England, in 1952.

Since Pakistan (and what would later become Bangladesh) were part of India up until the partitioning on 14 August, 1947, matches played by India before then included players who would have been considered Pakistani after 1947.

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