Musing on Muse

I’ve been denying it… but it’s finally hit me. I’m old.

A week ago, I had not heard of the band Muse. After being exposed to one of their songs (Knights of Cydonia, for those keeping score), I was impressed and curious. And then one of the guys who is part of the group of friends with whom I am in the beginning steps of forming a band, suggested another Muse song as one we should learn to play (Starlight). Being on the same album as Knights of Cydonia, I grabbed the whole album (Black Holes and Revelations) from iTunes on a whim.

Oh. My. God.

How have I not heard of this band before??

I just grabbed the follow-up album, The Resistance, completely unheard, and am very seriously considering just buying everything they’ve released. And I see they have a new album coming out very soon… and I’m actually excited and full of anticipation.

How did I get into this state? That I can be totally unexposed to one of the biggest bands in the world, a band whose music it turns out I actually really like – once I hear it. I’m not hip and happening any more. I don’t get exposed to new music. I listen to the “oldies” radio station in the car (where “oldies” now seems to be defined as anything earlier than about 1995).

The years are weighing heavily, and I just don’t understand.

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  1. Paul says:

    I don’t get Muse. I’ve talked to many people whose opinions I otherwise respect… and then they tell me how much they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Muse. And I am perplexed. I mean, I don’t think Muse is a bad band. But I can’t work up much enthusiasm for listening to their music. I’d rather, I don’t know, cook spaghetti, or watch reruns of seventies game shows, or take a nap, than listen to Muse for any length of time. And I mean ANY length of time. I hear one of their songs for more than two or three seconds, and I’m already bored.

  2. hobnobs says:


    Sadly a fact of music life. I’ve had the same with several other bands that friends have raved about. (Radiohead springs immediately to mind as a band I just don’t care for.)
    For me I view it as being best explained by a comment made about a Terry Pratchett book several years ago. A critic who wasn’t impressed said something along the lines of “[Pratchett] relies upon a comfortable mindset between author and reader […]”* which is (I think) a basic tenet of pretty much anything with a degree of personal taste.
    Books, Music, Films… they (and others) can all spectacularly fail to resonate when they completely lack that link between the two sides, so it’s not a surprise to find people who just don’t like something that’s enjoyed by the majority – even when that thing is as hugely popular as Muse. (or Radiohead…)

    * I can’t remember the exact quote, and my google-fu is failing me, but that was the general gist.

  3. Flaim says:

    DM, I’ve listened to a few of their songs on spotify, and while I never could have identified the band, I have definitely heard some of their songs in popular culture (probably as bumper music on talk radio shows, most likely).

    (Also, plug for spotify, available in Australia since May)

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